Keeping it real

Every week we hear from both real estate agents and homeowners just how much difference bright, clean and realistic imagery is for listing interest. Gone are the days where extreme wide-angle lenses distort and exaggerate your property beyond realism. People have woken up to advertising and too many are walking away annoyed that the images that got them there were obviously a severe distortion of reality.

Let's face the facts - The Brisbane River is brown and that is ok! I often wonder just what property hunters located in the great south-east are thinking when they are met with a bright blue Brisbane River as they scroll through new listings.

Sales agents spend their time with homeowners assisting with styling to capitalise on the property’s potential. So, it is imperative that this style be achieved during the photography process. Also discuss what may need to be removed digitally for privacy reasons. It is surprising to hear how often we are engaged to photograph a property which has already been captured because it was rushed or poorly photographed. Make sure your photographer takes the time to check that everything is presented the best way possible before taking the photo to make sure that your listing isn't overlooked.

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